Friday, 21 February 2014

Royalty-free music for film, TV, advertisements, short films, games, monetized Youtube-videos and similar (licensing)

 UPDATE MAY 2014 - royalty-free music:
I have now decided to let all of you use my music for free in all of your projects (videos, short films, games, movies etc.)! The only requirement is that you credit me properly. My name is Peder B. Helland. If you use my music in a Youtube-video, you must leave a link to the piece used (for instance: "Music by Peder B. Helland: *link to the piece you have used*") in the description of your video. This also applies to other sites where it is a description area (DailyMotion, Vimeo etc.). In projects where you don't have a description area or where it's not natural to leave URLs, you must credit me with both my name (Peder B. Helland) and the name of my piece(s) you used. 

I'd love to get links to projects where my music has been used, so please send them to me! :-) You can contact me on my Facebook-page or my email ( Thank you very much for subscribing to my Youtube-channel. You can also support me on Patreon if you want to (thank you so much if you do!). 

The main places you can download my music can be found by clicking on these links: Itunes, Amazon and Bandcamp.

Best of luck to all of you! 
~Peder B. Helland

EARLIER VERSION (this doesn't apply anymore):
Want to license one (or more*) of my pieces/songs for your video, short film or any other project (15$ gives you the right to use it in one project)? You can do that as long as you ask for permission in the comment section of the video (or below) and follow these instructions:

Licensing the piece for use in games, ads, movies, monetized Youtube-videos, short films, company videos, organizations, trailers or similar

I charge a fee of 15$ (USD) for a non-exclusive license (non-exclusive = not only you, but several people can buy this license), meaning that you can use the piece in one project*. You have to give me credits somewhere (see below for suggestions on how to credit me). The easiest way to pay is through Paypal. Just pay 15$ to and you're set to go (I can see your email on Paypal when you pay, so I'll know when you have paid). If you write the title of the piece you want in the "Details"-section when you pay, I'll send the file to your email. If not, you can download it on one of the links in the video's description. Good luck with the project!

1. Pay 15$ (or the equivalent in your currency) on Paypal to - remember to write the title of the piece when you pay if you want me to send the file to your email.
2. Credit me in your project.

Licensing the piece for use in school project (up to high school):

That's alright as long as you leave a link to this piece in the description of the project ("Music by Peder B. Helland: [insert link to the piece used]). Download links are in the descriptions of the videos. If it isn't appropriate with a link, credit me with "Peder B. Helland - MusicLoverOriginals" (or just Peder B. Helland). Regardless of the use, ask for permission in the comment section for the video before you use it.

Conclusion: Credit me. If it isn't a school project, the rate is 15$.

 * If you want to use several pieces in one of your projects (e.g. a short film), these are the rates:

1 piece: 15$
2 pieces: 20$
3 pieces: 25$
4 pieces: 30$
5 pieces: 35$

Contact me if you're planning to use more than 5 pieces in one project. 

* If you want to use one of my pieces several times in a series, for instance as an intro to a Youtube-series or a podcast, the cost is 50$. The piece can be reused in your series for a duration of 1 year. 

General comment:
It's always nice to get links to your creation where you've used my music. I am looking forward to watch it. It'd also be great if you subscribed to my Youtube-channel.

Good luck, everyone!

Any inquires, questions or remarks:

If you haven't listened to my music, you can do so on my Youtube-channel: