Monday, 11 March 2013


Hello, dear reader! (If you're here, please do not hesitate to make a sound)

This is the first post on my very first blog. This blog will not be a blog describing my daily life down to detail (not often at least, maybe once in a while) - this blog will focus on different topics such as news, music, movies, books etc. We'll see what comes out of this. :)

So, an introduction of myself seems like a good way of starting this. My name is Peder and I come from the northern country Norway. I play the trombone in a marching band and I play the piano at home.
I upload piano covers here:

My original compositions:

Me and my brother's lego stop-motion videos are here:

I like books, movies, science, taking photos and videos, sports, music and other things as well. I am currently in high school and I am very uncertain regarding what I am going to do study after school. I feel that my mind is split between a scientific study path and something creative, such as writing, composing music, shooting films or something similar - I am very interested in all of that.

That was a quick introduction of me just to start this blog up. If there is anybody who reads this, it'd be great if you left me a comment saying "Hi" or whatever you want to say! :)

Have a great night and week!