Friday, 29 March 2013

Some updates!

Hello, dear readers. Hope you all are doing well.

This post is meant to shed light on some updates on this blog, as well as on my other pages. Firstly, I will not continue to have "Composer of the week" because this takes quite a lot time to do every week and I'd like the freedom to choose the subjects when I blog. I may continue to have it, but maybe a "Composer of the month" or a "Composer of the two weeks" (maybe not). Certainly not "Composer of the day". I've written "Composer" quite a lot now, I think. If someone strongly disagrees and loves "Composer of the week", please let me know ("Composer" again, he he).

Secondly, I want to inform you that I've created a community on Google+, called "Original Compositions!". The community has become very active with many new posts every day. This is a nice place to expose your music for feedback, discuss composing techniques, software, music libraries etc., and in general get to know other fellow composers. You should be able to find it here: You are of course welcome to join! :) I think my originally intended "Original composition of the week" will be replaced by this community, but again: let me know what you think!

Thirdly, because of interest from several users on Youtube, I've actually started to sell my music. This is very exciting for me, and it's the continuation of the wonderful adventure I've experienced through Youtube over a span of several years (Themusiclover1705 and MusicLoverOriginals). Some users have expressed that they would like to have it on Itunes, but as for now I only have my music on Bandcamp.  If you're interested, you can buy my music here (with Paypal or a credit card):

I'd be very happy if you did. :)

I also want to inform you about my new Facebook-page here, for quick updates and posts:

That was everything for now. I wish you all a wonderful day and weekend!